Beware of any change in the look or feel of the skin of the breast, areola or nipple such as warmth, swelling, redness or scaliness.


Warning signs illustrated

The below illustrated signs are a sure warning there is a tumor or a cancer in your breasts: go and see your doctor immediately, because:

  • The more you are aware of early signs and symptoms:
  • the faster they can be diagnosed and
  • the more chance you have to get a successful treatment.

Breast cancer warning signs
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12 breast cancer warning signs: Clockwise from left top:

  • 1. hardening
  • 2. dimpling
  • 3. erosion
  • 4. red or hot
  • 5. strange fluid
  • 6. hidden lump
  • 7. visible lump
  • 8. growing vein
  • 9. nipple retraction
  • 10. asymmetry
  • 11. "orange" skin
  • 12. size or shape change
  • Go and talk to your doctor immediately when you recognize one of the above warning signs.


    Prevention is your best medicine

    As long as there is no bullet proof cure for cancer, it all boils down to Darwin's survival of the fittest. The best way to get ahead of cancer is:

    • prevention: making sure you don't get it in the first place
    • making sure your body has all possible means to kill cancer cells

    Cancer prevention boils down to eating and living healthy, keeping a healthy mind in a healthy body.

    Easier said than done in a world were your job stresses you out, car smoke pollutes your air, food is filled with residu's and water is contaminated.

    But if your life is dear to you, then you cannot use all the above as an excuse. Father had been smoking, had worked with asbestos and didn't eat much vegetables nor fruit. Father died with metastatic liver cancer in a way I wouldn't even wish my worst enemy.

    When your life is dear to you, start doing all the things cancer survivors are doing:

    • 1. Believe there is a cure : believe it like you believe the sun will rise tomorrow.
    • 2. Use conventional medicine like chemotherapy, surgery and/or radiation therapy.
    • 3. Add to that alternative cancer treatments to boost your immune system and overall health:
      • the healthier you are: the better you can fight of diseases and
      • the healthier you are: the better chemotherapy could work for you
    • 4. Follow an holistic health approach: having a healthy spirit in a healthy body:
      • focus on less stress,
      • more relaxation,
      • more exercise (e.g. swimming could work for both exercise and relaxation),
      • a healthy diet based on organic products,
      • make sure you have a hobby to pass your time doing something you love
    • 5. Make sure you have money or good health insurance to buy what you need to better achieve all of the above.
    • 6. Surround yourself with as many loving and helpful creatures you can find: quoting Patrick Swayze when he was fighting pancreatic cancer:
      "you gotta have a dog"


    Support caregivers

    Breast cancer awareness jewelry

    This breast cancer awareness jewelry is extremely elegant and beautiful, yet shows you what you think about this terrible disease: only when we all work together, we can find a cure or even better: prevent the disease from happening!

    You donít have to wait until the national breast cancer awareness month to find this kind of jewelry: cancer equally doesn't wait 11 months either to only strike one month a year.

    Make sure part of your purchase goes to support or research. Ask the salesperson what is done with the money and what are the results. Sometimes it will be far more satisfying when you know your contribution helps care givers to cope with everyday life. These people are much more in the need of support than the labs of the billion dollar industries trying to find a cure... which just doesn't come...

    Why canít they find the cure? Because most likely they are looking in the wrong area. There is "no miracle pill" for anything, let alone for cancer. To be more successful, we have to look for an holistic approach, where the patient does everything right, before even contracting any kind of disease:

    • boost her/his immune system
    • live a healthy life
    • get treated with proven conventional and alternative methods

    For this everybody has to work together - which for now is even more difficult than finding a solution in a lab!. All industries and all political entities need to work on an overall healthy environment where people can:

    • afford and breath in healthy air
    • afford and eat healthy food and
    • afford to feel relaxed (as stress is as much a killer as cancer is)

    Summarized: prevention is your best cure. Familiarize yourself the above 12 warning signs. Know that more often than not breast cancer signs and symptoms are invisible, even when examining your breasts every month and being fully aware of the above warning signs. Therefore breast cancer survivors do recommend others to take a mammogram: it won't prevent you from having the disease, but an early detection results in a much higher survival rate.